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A - Three reasons:
  1. As a Listing Agent, you can fill your open house staffing needs with an easy to use mapping system to announce your open house opportunities to everyone in your Brokerage at once.
  2. As a Buyer’s Agent, you can easily pick up open houses without spending hours combing through the MLS and making calls to Listing Agents to find one. Open House is a proven way to meet potential new clients!
  3. Many Brokerages have more than one office, even crossing into multiple Counties. As a Realtor building your inter-industry networking, it’s a great way to connect with Agents in your company you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet in person.
Keep track of your favorite Agents for ease of future staffing and partnering opportunities. Only actively licensed Realtors may join OHWeekly.com
A - All of these details, and more, are found on your Agent Profile. After signing up, COMPLETE YOUR AGENT PROFILE right away. It will provide your experience, biography, languages spoken, designations, a place to enter your surrounding Counties where you are interested in holding open houses, your rules for Agents to follow when holding your listings open, your contact info and more.
A - Log in to OHWeekly.com.
  1. From the Dashboard, either click the blue shortcut button called ‘Post an Open House’ at the top of the page or click the ‘Post an Open House’ tab under the ‘Listing Agent Tools’.
  2. This brings you to Step 1- the posting page where you’ll input the property information such as price, bedrooms, baths, size, type of property, MLS number, address and description.
  3. Next, upload a property photo in the ‘Browse’ box. (SEE SIZE REQUIREMENT)
  4. Your “Open House Rules and Specifications” will automatically import any rules you have entered on your ‘Profile’ page. However, if you have additional instructions specific to the listing you are entering, make sure you edit and include them at this time (ie dog on property)
  5. At the end of the form, you’ll input the day and times for which you need the Open House staffed. Also set a deadline for Agents to volunteer by.
  6. Click the ‘Next Step Preview Open House’ button.
  7. This brings you to step 2- ‘Preview Open House’ page, where you can double check your property information. If you need to make any changes, click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of the form to go back to Step 1. If everything is correct, click ‘Next Step, Announce Open House’ to proceed.
  8. This brings you to Step 3- Your Brokerage License # and State will auto-populate. Input the County the property is located in and up to 5 neighboring Counties where Member Agents will receive your announcement email. This is where the Counties of interest entered on an Agents Profile Page come into play. Your Brokerage may have several office locations, some in multiple Counties. Also, some Agents may wish to hold Open Houses in more than 1 County around where they live..Once you’ve entered the Counties you wish to announce the Open House opportunity to Agents who specialize there, based on their Profile entry, click the ‘Post & Announce’ button. NOTE: You are only able to announce your Open Houses to Agents within your Brokerage.
  9. Member Agents from your company who specialize in the Counties you listed in Step 3 will receive an immediate email announcing the Open House opportunity.
  10. Once you’ve completed the announcement, you’ll receive a confirmation screen and an email.
  11. Interested Agents will then contact you to volunteer. It’s up to you, the Listing Agent, to approve an Agent to hold the home open. We are merely facilitating the connection.
  12. Once you’ve chosen an agent to staff your Open House, be sure to change the status of your posting to INACTIVE on the ‘Manage Open Houses’ page of OHWeekly.com
A- Log in to OHWeekly.com.
  1. From the Dashboard, either click the blue shortcut button called ‘Staff an Open House’ at the top of the page or click the ‘Open House Opportunities’ tab under ‘Buyers Agent Tools’.
  2. On the ‘Open House Opportunities’ page, you can narrow your search by using either the Map or the categories down the side for specific a State, City, County, Zip, Listing Agent, Brokerage, dates available, list price and date posted. Then scroll through available listings to see which properties are of interest. When you find one of interest, click on either the property photo or the address to view more information. You’ll be brought to the ‘Property Details’ page.
  3. On the ‘Property Details’ page, you can do a few things: • Review the dates and times the open house is available, what the deadline is for offering to staff it, the Listing Agent’s information, MLS number, property description and any specific open house rules the Listing Agent or Broker might require, which may include their preferences for ways to communicate. • If you’re ready and willing, you can volunteer to staff it by clicking the green ‘Offer to Staff this Open House’ button which will immediately notify the Listing Agent via email and send them your Profile information. NOTE: You are only permitted to offer to staff Open Houses within your Brokerage using OHWeekly.com. • You can Favorite the listing by clicking on the blue 💙 icon (under the green ‘Offer to Staff’ button) and return to it later from the Dashboard button called 💙 My Open Houses' then the ‘My Favorite Open Houses’ tab.
  4. You can view the Listing Agent’s full Profile by simply clicking on their name. You’re also able to add them to your ‘Favorite Agents’ section by clicking the blue 💙 icon to the right of the Agent’s name (view their info anytime from the 💙 Favorite Agents’ tab)
A- No. In order for you to hold an Open House, the Listing Agent must specifically approve and confirm you. Open House Weekly’s role is simply to make the introduction. If the Listing Agent confirms you, it gives you an opportunity to gain business and exposure with the pubic at the Open House, plus network with Listing Agents within your Brokerage.
A- Yes. It is up to you, and possibly your Broker if they have specific rules to follow. Your Open House Rules and Specifications should be inputted on your main Profile page. These details will auto-populate on Step 1 of posting a new Open House. You can then adjust specific details of a particular property when creating the posting (ie- large dog on the premises etc.)
A- From the Dashboard under ‘Listing Agent Tools’ click on ‘Manage Open Houses’ or click the shortcut called 'Current Open Houses' in the 'My Listings' photo box. This will bring you to a page with 2 tabs: your ‘Current Open Houses’ and ‘Past Open Houses’. On both of these pages there are 4 tools on the far end of each listing you can use:
  1. Eyeball icon - To view the ‘Property Details’ of a posted property.
  2. Pencil icon - To edit a property you have already posted, then either save the changes or re-announce it to Member Agents.
  3.    Duplicate icon - Quickly copy a listing to announce a staffing opportunity on another day. It copies all of the listing details of a previous posting so you only have to change the dates and times and then announce this new staffing opportunity it to Member Agents.
  4. Trashcan icon - To permanently delete a listing
A- Yes. From the Dashboard, ‘Listing Agent Tools’ click ‘Manage Open Houses’ or click the shortcut in the 'My Listings' photo box. Use the Pencil tool to bring up the editing page. Make your changes and then click either the “Update & Save” to simply save it or the “Update & Re-announce” button to email it to Member Agents with the changes.
A- Once you’ve chosen someone to staff your Open House or if you need to cancel it, go to the Dashboard under ‘Listing Agent Tools’ and click ‘Manage Open Houses’. This will bring you to the page with 2 tabs; your ‘Current and Past Open Houses’. Locate the property from the list on the ‘Current Open Houses’ page and change its status from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’ using the drop down on the right side. The page will refresh and move the listing to the ‘Past Open Houses’ page. To change it back to ‘Active’ for someone else to volunteer to staff it, go to the ‘Past Open Houses’ page and use the drop down to change it back to ‘Active’. (It’ll be moved back to the ‘Current Open Houses’ page and will reappear on our 'Opportunities' map page.)
A- Yes, from the Dashboard under ‘Listing Agent Tools’ click on ‘Interested Agents’ or click the shortcut in the 'My Listings' photo box. There you can see everyone who has offered to staff your listings. Organize them by property address using the dropdown. You can make a short list of the Agents you are most interested in, view Agent full Bio’s/experience, contact info and add agents to your 💙 Favorite Agents’ page by clicking the blue 💙 icon next to their name.
A- OHWeekly does not make any guarantees. Our role is limited to announcing the Open House opportunity and arranging the introduction between the parties
A- Yes, we have a mini email contact window on all full Agent Profile pages. On the Agent’s Profile page simply fill in your information on the mini email form and we will forward it immediately to the email address in that Agent’s Profile*. (To open an Agents full Profile and see this mini email form, simply click on their name either on a specific listing, or from the ‘Favorite Agents’ page if you’ve saved anyone, or from the ‘Interested Agents’ page if an Agent has offered to staff your listing). *OHWeekly.com cannot guarantee response times. It is recommended to also reach out to agents directly via phone, text etc.
A- No, but our website is designed to be compatible with most mobile phone formats.
A- Yes. There are 2 ways to favorite someone; When you open the full ‘Property Details’ page click on the blue 💙 icon after the Agent’s name. • Or from anywhere you encounter an Agent on our site, click on their name to open their full Profile page and click on the blue 💙 icon after their name. • You can now view their information anytime from the Dashboard 💙 Favorite Agents’ tab. Open House Weekly isn’t just a staffing tool for your business. When used to its full capacity, it’s a networking tool. Many Brokerages don’t have regular meetings or full-sized offices where you can meet everyone in your company on a regular basis. OHWeekly helps to bridge that gap. Building valuable relationships in real estate is a cornerstone of building your success, and we’re here to help.