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Q- MANAGING YOUR OPEN HOUSES- Listing Agents, let’s look at how you can manage your postings…

A- From the Dashboard under ‘Listing Agent Tools’ click on ‘Manage Open Houses’ or click the shortcut called ‘Current Open Houses’ in the ‘My Listings’ photo box. This will bring you to a page with 2 tabs: your ‘Current Open Houses’ and ‘Past Open Houses’. On both of these pages there are 4 tools on the far end of each listing you can use:

  1. Eyeball icon – To view the ‘Property Details’ of a posted property.
  2. Pencil icon – To edit a property you have already posted, then either save the changes or re-announce it to Member Agents.
  3.    Duplicate icon – Quickly copy a listing to announce a staffing opportunity on another day. It copies all of the listing details of a previous posting so you only have to change the dates and times and then announce this new staffing opportunity it to Member Agents.
  4. Trashcan icon – To permanently delete a listing