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Q- How do I volunteer for an Open House opportunity?

A- Log in to OHWeekly.com.

  1. From the Dashboard, either click the blue shortcut button called ‘Staff an Open House’ at the top of the page or click the ‘Open House Opportunities’ tab under ‘Buyers Agent Tools’.
  2. On the ‘Open House Opportunities’ page, you can narrow your search by using either the Map or the categories down the side for specific a State, City, County, Zip, Listing Agent, Brokerage, dates available, list price and date posted. Then scroll through available listings to see which properties are of interest. When you find one of interest, click on either the property photo or the address to view more information. You’ll be brought to the ‘Property Details’ page.
  3. On the ‘Property Details’ page, you can do a few things:
    • Review the dates and times the open house is available, what the deadline is for offering to staff it, the Listing Agent’s information, MLS number, property description and any specific open house rules the Listing Agent or Broker might require, which may include their preferences for ways to communicate.
    • If you’re ready and willing, you can volunteer to staff it by clicking the green ‘Offer to Staff this Open House’ button which will immediately notify the Listing Agent via email and send them your Profile information.
    NOTE: You are only permitted to offer to staff Open Houses within your Brokerage using OHWeekly.com.
    • You can Favorite the listing by clicking on the blue 💙 icon (under the green ‘Offer to Staff’ button) and return to it later from the Dashboard button called 💙 My Open Houses’ then the ‘My Favorite Open Houses’ tab.
  4. You can view the Listing Agent’s full Profile by simply clicking on their name. You’re also able to add them to your ‘Favorite Agents’ section by clicking the blue 💙 icon to the right of the Agent’s name (view their info anytime from the 💙 Favorite Agents’ tab)