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Q- How do I change the status of my Open House opportunity from Available to Not Available (staffed or cancelled)?

A- Once you’ve chosen someone to staff your Open House or if you need to cancel it, go to the Dashboard under ‘Listing Agent Tools’ and click ‘Manage Open Houses’. This will bring you to the page with 2 tabs; your ‘Current and Past Open Houses’. Locate the property from the list on the ‘Current Open Houses’ page and change its status from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’ using the drop down on the right side. The page will refresh and move the listing to the ‘Past Open Houses’ page. To change it back to ‘Active’ for someone else to volunteer to staff it, go to the ‘Past Open Houses’ page and use the drop down to change it back to ‘Active’. (It’ll be moved back to the ‘Current Open Houses’ page and will reappear on our ‘Opportunities’ map page.)